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New Single about Parenthood: Traumatized by Grouplove

The indie rock band Grouplove has released there second single “Traumatized” off of there upcoming album “Hot Mess” coming out on September 9th.

The song starts out with a punk feel, and has more pop vibe when the chorus hits. Christian Zucchini told the Rolling Stone, “‘Traumatized’ is about becoming a parent, explores what my parents sacrificed when I was born, and shares the fear, excitement and bliss of being alive.”

The band is also starting a world tour this upcoming fall, with shows across the United States, Canada, and Europe.



New Single by Relient K and New Album Announcement

Relient k has released their first song off their new album Air For Free. “Bummin” is an upbeat energetic song with a pop/punk feel. It is a great song for spring and summertime, and for blasting on road trips.

This is definitely has more of a pop feel than Relient k of past, but is similar to the pop feel of their last album Collapsible Lung. This new album is highly anticipated because many Relient k fans did not like Collapsible Lung because of the pop feel and empty lyrics. “Bummin” doesn’t prove that won’t be the case with Air for Free, since it has a pop feel and surface level lyrics, but we’ll have to wait to see when other singles come out.

All in all, this is a good song, especially for spring/summertime on the way. Air for Free is set to be released this coming summer, on July 22nd.