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Macklemore Cuts Ties with Ryan Lewis and Releases New Single 

After a few days of anticipation on social media Macklemore has released a new song “Glorious” featuring Skylar Grey.

With the song release Macklemore also unveiled that he will be releasing a new album, and in doing so broke the news that he is parting ways with the producer that he gained so much popularity with, Ryan Lewis.

The two are in good terms, with Macklemore citing that they mutually decided that they were both in need of some “creative space”.

It will be interesting to see what differences the next album will have without the influences of Ryan Lewis. This new song sounds similar to the general sound and pattern that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis has had in the past.

Macklemore states that Ryan Lewis will have some annoumwnts soon, and it will be cool to see what kind of projects he works on after spending nearly a decade working with Macklemore.


New Single about Parenthood: Traumatized by Grouplove

The indie rock band Grouplove has released there second single “Traumatized” off of there upcoming album “Hot Mess” coming out on September 9th.

The song starts out with a punk feel, and has more pop vibe when the chorus hits. Christian Zucchini told the Rolling Stone, “‘Traumatized’ is about becoming a parent, explores what my parents sacrificed when I was born, and shares the fear, excitement and bliss of being alive.”

The band is also starting a world tour this upcoming fall, with shows across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Martin Garrix Drops New Single with Bebe Rexha “In the Name Of Love”

Martin Garrix seemed to become a superstar practically overnight when his hit track “Animals” was released in 2013. It has been a busy week for the Dutch producer, as he announced that he signed a  deal with Sony Music International, and released his new song “In the Name of Love”.

This track was highly anticipated, as it was originally debuted at Ultra Music Festival in the spring. This is likely Garrix most pop influenced track to date, featuring vocals from pop star Bebe Rexha.

Given the pop influences of this track, it will be interesting to see what the 20 year olds first studio album will sound like. Will it have the hard hitting style of “Animals”? Or will have the more pop influenced style like “In the Name of Love”?



“This One’s For You” – Official Song for UEFA EURO 2016

Over the last decade or so, international soccer (fútbol) tournaments have had great upbeat and catchy official songs, that make you want to go to the beach, kick a soccer ball around, or drive with the windows down.

For the 2010 FIFA World Cup these songs were “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” by Shakira and “Wavin’ Flag” by K’NAAN. The 2014 World Cup followed with “We are One (Ole Ola)” by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte and “The World is Ours” by Aloe Blacc and David Correy.

Continuing this trend, “This One’s For You” by David Guetta, and Zara Larsson, has been announced as the official song for the 2016 UEFA European Championship this summer. The song has more of an electronic feel than the songs listed above, but continues with the great vibes that make you want to kick a soccer ball around or hang out on the beach.




New Jam by Mumford & Sons and Baaba Maal

Mumford & Sons have released a new single “There Will Be Time” from an upcoming project of theirs called Johannesburg.  Johannesburg will not be a full album, but an EP released on June 17th. Johannesburg was recorded over a two day span, while the band was touring through South Africa this winter.

“There Will be a Time” features Baaba Maal, a singer and songwriter from Senegal. Baaba Maal sings primarily in Pulaar, a language primarily spoken in the Senegal River valley area by Fula and Toucouleur peoples.

It is cool to see Mumford & Sons collaborating with other artists, and it brings out a unique sound for them. “Wilder Mind” was a different sound than their previous music, and this is a different sound for them as well.

I am a big fan of this song, and am pumped to see what the full EP sounds like. Here is a link to the song, and a trailer video for Johannesburg.

New Single by Relient K and New Album Announcement

Relient k has released their first song off their new album Air For Free. “Bummin” is an upbeat energetic song with a pop/punk feel. It is a great song for spring and summertime, and for blasting on road trips.

This is definitely has more of a pop feel than Relient k of past, but is similar to the pop feel of their last album Collapsible Lung. This new album is highly anticipated because many Relient k fans did not like Collapsible Lung because of the pop feel and empty lyrics. “Bummin” doesn’t prove that won’t be the case with Air for Free, since it has a pop feel and surface level lyrics, but we’ll have to wait to see when other singles come out.

All in all, this is a good song, especially for spring/summertime on the way. Air for Free is set to be released this coming summer, on July 22nd.

New Music Friday: Two New Singles and Album Announcement by NEEDTOBREATHE

NEEDTOBREATHE has come out with two new singles, ‘HAPPINESS’, and ‘MONEY & FAME’. They also announced that their new album ‘H A R D L O V E’ is coming out July 15th.

‘HAPPINESS’ has a pop feel to it, and is a very upbeat and catchy tune.


‘MONEY & FAME’ also has a pop feel, and it sounds very similar to the type of track that Gavin DeGraw would come out with.


Overall, these two tracks have a lot more of a pop feel than music NEEDTOBREATHE has come out with in the past. They are catchy songs, but at the same time I hope that they come out with some rock tunes as well for the new album…but that is just my personal preference.