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Artist Spotlight: Inspired & the Sleep

Recently, I had the privileged of interviewing Max from the San Diego indie rock band Inspired & the Sleep. The band released a new single this spring called “First Time”. The track is very personal to the band as it is about a DUI in a relationship and how it brought the couple closer together. Here is Max from Inspired & the Sleep:

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would your dream location be? (This can be anything from a beach that you love or a huge arena or Red Rocks, etc).

Oh man, I mean there’s tons of venues and places I would wanna play. Not sure if I could give exactly one dream venue cause I’d like to play them all and I feel like you could have just as an amazing experience playing a some basement house show over some huge arena. I will say I would like to play other countries, we’ve been talking about getting over to Europe and I’ve always wanted to play Japan I hear that’s a surreal crowd.

Where do you look for your inspiration when writing songs?

It’s not really tangible. It just comes when it comes. And I would say it all comes from the human experience. One thing I will say is I tend to write about past events in my life years after they happen for some reason.

The single “First Time” was released in April, do you have any other new music you are working on?

We do! Can’t really disclose what’s to come or when, but there will be new music this year so look for that ūüôā

You guys were the winners of the 91X San Diego Battle of the Bro-Am competition and are playing at Bro-AM this weekend in Encinitas, California. Congrats! Are you pumped for that experience? Have you attended Bro-AM before?

That show was amazing! There’s so much love and positivity¬†going around with Switchfoot’s crew, fans, and causes. It’s truly inspiring. The event saved over 250k for charity towards kids in need in San Diego which is just insane. Also I’ve been a huge fan of Sure Sure for sometime now and it was an awesome experience to share the stage with them and meet those dudes :). And yes, I’ve been to the Bro Am many many times starting back when I was in high school.

What is a lyric from your music that sticks out to you?

‘And there’s that night that we drove drunk, you went to jail and my heart sunk. Cause it’s my job to keep you safe’ – That’s probably my favorite lyric from ‘First Time’ just because it’s straight honesty. Not trying to hide behind metaphors or complexity. Just truth.

What is your favorite song right now?

Hmm well that’s always just changing, but I would say ‘(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano’ by Sampha is this week’s favorite jam.

Lastly, you guys have been making music for a couple of years now, what is the memorable experience that your music has given you?

I would say my most memorable experience isn’t defined by a single event, but rather the ongoing experience¬†of being able to make art. Music is what gives me purpose in my life and If I didn’t have that outlet I don’t know where I would be.


We look forward to this new music by Inspired & the Sleep, and here is the new track released in April, First Time:




Dispatch release first album since 2012, America, Location 12

Dispatch has released their first album since 2012 with America, Location 12. The band members have recently been working on solo projects, with both Chadwick Stokes Urmston (stage name Chadwick Stokes), and Brad Corrigan releasing solo projects over the last few years.

America, Location 12 is a great album for summertime with the positive vibes and just general upbeat tracks that Dispatch has made themselves famous for. Some of our favorite tracks include, “Only the Wild Ones”, “Painted Yellow Lines”, and “Midnight Lorry.”

I had the privilege of attending one of their release shows in Providence this past weekend. Dispatch performed an intimate set of four songs, three songs from the new album and one of their old hits.

Here is a link to the new album on Spotify:



Two New Singles by Judah & The Lion

Nashville based indie-folk band Judah & The Lion have released two new singles this week, Stockholm and Take It All Back 2.0. The band also released a music video to Take It All Back 2.0, showing live footage of performances and background shots of the band.

Stockholm has a similar sound to Mumford and Sons, with a powerful chorus and a rhythmic beat.

Take It All Back 2.0 is a different adaptation of the original track, which was featured on the album Folk Hop N’ Roll, released earlier this year. The new version has a faster paced strumming on the banjo, and enhanced vocals. This is definitely¬†seems like a song that would be incredible live.

Judah & The Lion are only gaining more popularity. Their music is fun, upbeat, and high energy. I have not attended one of their concerts yet, but it is something that is definitely on my bucket list.


Jam of the Day: Struggle by Cardboard Kids

Nashville based rock band Cardboard Kids have released a new¬†single, “Struggle” off their anticipated upcoming EP¬†Mint¬†coming out in July.

“Struggle” has a relaxed vibe, and contains smoother vocals than¬†the band’s previously released music.¬†‚Äú‚ÄėStruggle‚Äô isn‚Äôt the kind of song that reveals some uplifting formula to get through struggle in order to be happy. It‚Äôs an honest song about being in the middle of some crap and dealing with it because that‚Äôs just where you are.‚ÄĚ, said frontman¬†Jake Germany.

“Struggle”¬†is a great glimpse of what’s to come for the Cardboard Kids, and the single¬†can make fans even more excited for the upcoming EP with¬†various¬†styles of sound now in their repertoire.


Album Showcase: Calm Down, Everything is Fine by Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains & The Branches sophomore album Calm Down, Everything is Fine¬†has a great blend of various styles. There are songs that have rock influence, while their are other songs such as “Slow Down” which is¬†calm and has a folk feel.

These mixtures of style are blended on the last track of the album Calm Down, Everything is Fine. The tack starts off calm, with some intimate verses, but picks it up halfway through and turns into a fantastic rock song. It contains really well written and clever lyrics, having lyrics that mention wine, Jesus, and Davey Crockett.

The album features some star studded musicians, with Matt Hoopes of Relient K on lead guitar, and Zac Farro of Paramore on the drums.


Jam of the Day: Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

A few weeks ago on my way to work, the radio station I was listening to mentioned the band¬†Silversun Pickups.¬†Ever since then,¬†I have been jamming to their¬†song “Lazy Eye”.

“Lazy Eye” has a great beat from the beginning of the track, and gets louder and heavier as the song goes on. It nearly sounds like two different singers, but it is the lead singer,¬†Brian Aubert, on vocals the entire song.

If you enjoy this song, I would also recommend their song “Kissing Families”. It has a similar beat, and is also a fantastic song.


Artist Showcase: Run River North

Run River North is a band that I found about a year and a half ago. The bands first self titled album¬†‘Run River North’ had multiple tracks¬†that were awesome, and had a overall very¬†chill vibe.¬†The tracks¬†that I would highly recommend from this album would be Monster Calling Home, Lying Beast, Run River Run, Growing Up, and Foxbeard.

The¬†second album ‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’ has¬†more of an indie¬†pop¬†feel, and doesn’t¬†hold¬†the same chill vibe that made the self titled album great. With this being said, it is a good indie pop album, but I am just not feeling it as much as there first album. A jam I would recommend from¬†‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’ is the song ’29’.

Overall if you were to listen to just a few songs from this band I would certainly recommend checking out ‘Run River North’ over¬†‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’. But if you are more of a fan of indie pop¬†‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’ is worth checking out.