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Mac Miller and Premature Death in the Music Industry

On September 7, 2018 Mac Miller joined a list of musical stars to die way too young. Mac was found dead in his home after an apparent drug overdose.

The 26 year old rapper was a staple during my late high school and early college years. He was one of the most popular rappers on the scene, and had a high level of success at a very young age.

The death of Mac Miller was saddening for not those just interested in the rap industry, for everyone. It is always so painful to learn of the death of someone so young, and had so much more to live.

It has seemed like there have been many premature deaths in the music industry this year, with the deaths of Avicii, XXXTentacion, and now Mac Miller. Each of the causes of death were a little different, with Avicii’s death being ruled a suicide, XXXTentacion being murdered, and Mac Miller dying of a drug overdose.

Out of these deaths the two that appear to be the most similar are Avicii and Mac Miller. In both of those situations the artist appeared to be battling some inner demons, with Avicii wanting to escape the pain he was in and Mac Miller battling with substances that alter his state of mind. Both of these artists lives could have been saved, they were in dark places but that does not mean that the darkness would last forever.

The world is mourning Mac Miller. He is being described as a very sweet and talented man from fans to fellow rappers. His quest for sobriety and battle with drug abuse ended tragically, and hopefully others battling with similar issues can seek and reach out before it is too late.

RIP Mac Miller

Macklemore Cuts Ties with Ryan Lewis and Releases New Single 

After a few days of anticipation on social media Macklemore has released a new song “Glorious” featuring Skylar Grey.

With the song release Macklemore also unveiled that he will be releasing a new album, and in doing so broke the news that he is parting ways with the producer that he gained so much popularity with, Ryan Lewis.

The two are in good terms, with Macklemore citing that they mutually decided that they were both in need of some “creative space”.

It will be interesting to see what differences the next album will have without the influences of Ryan Lewis. This new song sounds similar to the general sound and pattern that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis has had in the past.

Macklemore states that Ryan Lewis will have some annoumwnts soon, and it will be cool to see what kind of projects he works on after spending nearly a decade working with Macklemore.


‘The Life of Pablo’ Falls Short

Last week, Kanye West released his album The Life of Pablo on streaming services.

After listening to it, I came to the conclusion that Kanye has a different tone in every album.

Graduation was upbeat and optimistic.

In My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Kanye had a sense of confusion and trying to figure life out, with tracks such as Dark Fantasy, Runaway, and Lost in the World.

More recently, Watch The Throne and Yeezus took a more of a negative tone, and The Life of Pablo has really embraced that negativity.

Along with this negative tone, The Life of Pablo also seems to have a sense of anger as well, which is something Kanye has showed on songs in the past, but not to this level on a full album.

After listening through the album, I realized that nearly all the songs have a negative tone, both the beat and the lyrics. There are no upbeat songs, which was something I’d come to enjoy from Kanye in the past.

Overall, I would not recommend The Life of Pablo because the beats and lyrical content. This album has more anger, and negativity than any album Kanye has previously produced. There are some beats and songs that are okay, but none that I would recommend based on the caliber of music Kanye has been able to produce in the past.