Switchfoot Releases New Song “Light and Heavy”

Today, Switchfoot came out with a previously unreleased track called ‘Light and Heavy’. The song was written for the depression and self help organization “To Write Love on Her Arms.” I really enjoyed the sound of it, and am excited for their new album coming this summer. The song is free to download on the link given below.


NOTE: The song was only available to download for 48 hours.


Light & Heavy – FREE Song Download FOR 48 HOURS



Tour de Compadres Announcement: Parachute

Needtobreathe has announced Parachute as the third opening band for the Tour de Compadres tour.

Parachute is a rock/pop band from Virginia, and have recently come out with a new studio album called ‘Wide Awake’.

Parachute is now the third opening band announced for the tour, including Mat Kearny and Jon Mark McMillan. Needtobreathe have not announced tour dates and cities yet, but it is exciting to know the other bands performing with them this year.

Filthy Man by Least of These

‘Flithy Man’ is a song about a man looking back on when he became a Christian; the stubbornness, and pain that came along with that.

The man clearly had some internal conflict, with wanting to do things on his own, but feels God is calling him to live another way. The song ends with the man recognizing that he is a filthy man, but also understands that the cross redeems him from that.

This song really captures an emotion for me. You can sense the internal conflict, of the man wanting to follow God, but at the same time pushing God away. I know it is a conflict I have experienced in the past, and many people probably have as well.


Tour de Compadres Announcement: Jon Mark McMillan

Last night, Needtobreathe announced that Jon Mark McMillan will be touring with them on the Tour de Compadres.

McMillan has previously recorded a song, ‘Monsters Talk’ with the lead singer from Needtobreathe, Bear Rinehart. The song is based on anger, playing conversions back in his head, and thinking of put downs and disses to say.

With these negative thoughts, McMillan eventually came to the conclusion of two realities in life:

  1. That life is hard, brutal, and can be terrible.
  2. Life is beautiful, and full of wonder and hope.

McMillan came to the conclusion that both these realities are true, and he had to decide which one he was going let speak to him, become friends with, and listen to.



Be Thou My Vision by Pedro the Lion

I decided to post some songs for Holy Week.


This first song is by the band Pedro the Lion. It is a very chill version of the traditional Irish hymn ‘Be Thou My Vision.’ I really enjoy modern adaptions of hymns, and Pedro The Lion did a fantastic job with this one. This version of ‘Be Thou My Vision’ can be found on the bands album ‘The Only Reason I Feel Secure’ released in 1999.