One Love Manchester Brings People Together

Over past week I have been watching videos of the One Love Manchester benefit concert for the victims of the terrorist attack that occurred following an Ariana Grande concert last month. The concert rose over $2.6 million dollars to benefit the victims of the those horrible bombings.

The videos are truly remarkable and show the power that music has to bring people together. The crowd feeds off the energy of the artist and the artist feeds off the energy of the crowd and when that occurs the results are truly magical.

The whole show was incredible, but the one song that stuck out was the performance of the Oasis ballad “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland (of Coldplay), with Ariana Grande. Chris sang with so much passion, Johnny crushed his guitar solo, and by the time the chorus rolled around the whole stadium was singing as loud as they could.

The song has been coming up everywhere in the past few weeks since the terrorist attacks have happened. A woman started singing the tune at a memorial for the victims a few weeks ago in London and eventually the whole crowd joined. And this week, while the national soccer teams for France and England walked out to the song.

Music can bring people together, especially in times of trajedy. This is one of those examples. Enjoy the video:

B.o.B Brings Back Old Style in New Track “Big Kids” (feat. CeeLo Green & Usher)


B.o.B first gained mainstream popularity with his hit singles Nothing on You and Airplanes. Both these songs had pop superstars featured on the track, with Bruno Mars being featured on Nothing on You, and Hayley Williams (of Paramore) on Airplanes. On his next album, “Strange Clouds” he continued this trend of collaborating with pop superstars by featuring Taylor Swift on his track Both of Us.

B.o.B is back to this trend of collaborating with pop superstars, as he his a track “Big Kids” on his newly released album “Ether” features the smooth vocals of CeeLo Green and Usher. 

The track is very peaceful and definitely closes the album on a good note. It brings back 2010 B.o.B nostalgia and is a good song to start the summer of 2017.


Dispatch release first album since 2012, America, Location 12

Dispatch has released their first album since 2012 with America, Location 12. The band members have recently been working on solo projects, with both Chadwick Stokes Urmston (stage name Chadwick Stokes), and Brad Corrigan releasing solo projects over the last few years.

America, Location 12 is a great album for summertime with the positive vibes and just general upbeat tracks that Dispatch has made themselves famous for. Some of our favorite tracks include, “Only the Wild Ones”, “Painted Yellow Lines”, and “Midnight Lorry.”

I had the privilege of attending one of their release shows in Providence this past weekend. Dispatch performed an intimate set of four songs, three songs from the new album and one of their old hits.

Here is a link to the new album on Spotify:



The Oh Hellos Gear Up for Christmas Tour

Texas based folk band, The Oh Hellos, have started a Christmas Extravaganza tour. The band will be touring through the country, spreading Christmas joy, with energy and passionate performances.

Throughout the tour, they will be having a coat drive at each venue to be donated to local shelters. Everyone who donates a coat will be entered to win a signed merchandise package from the band.
The Oh Hellos have also said that they will be inviting the most festive fans on stage with them, so this is bound to be an exciting show.
The band released a Christmas EP in 2014, with four songs on it, so it will certainly be cool to see if they have worked on any more Christmas tunes for this tour.

New Music Video: “The One Moment” by Ok Go

Ok Go became an internet sensation with unique and interesting music videos, dating back to the 2006 sensation “Here It Goes Again” featuring the band dancing between treadmills.

Over the years the band has released more creative music videos, such as “Needing/Getting” and “I Won’t Let You Down”.

Well, they have released another great music video yet again for the song “The One Moment”. The music video features 4.2 seconds of pure madness…which is then put in slow-mo to match the speed and rhythm of the song.

The creativeness of Ok Go never ceases to amaze me. Each video is so unique and entertaining. Ok Go is proving that music videos are not dead, they are still a great expression of art.

The band and music video are supportive of the company Morton Salt’s #WalkWithHer campaign promoting people that make a positive difference in the world.


New Single about Parenthood: Traumatized by Grouplove

The indie rock band Grouplove has released there second single “Traumatized” off of there upcoming album “Hot Mess” coming out on September 9th.

The song starts out with a punk feel, and has more pop vibe when the chorus hits. Christian Zucchini told the Rolling Stone, “‘Traumatized’ is about becoming a parent, explores what my parents sacrificed when I was born, and shares the fear, excitement and bliss of being alive.”

The band is also starting a world tour this upcoming fall, with shows across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Give It Back to You- The Record Company

Need some good old-fashioned bluesy rock’n’roll in your life these days? Look no further than the L.A. band The Record Company. Their debut album, Give It Back to You, has just about everything you would look for in the blues. Deep, heavy and a whole lot of attitude.

Listen to these boys, you would never guess that a three-piece band could make so much noise. But with the amount of talent that bassist Los Feliz jams with, the gusto of drummer Marc Cazorla, and versatility of lead man Chris Vos, it a surprise they don’t make more. Their sound carries that grungy soulful rock-blues sound, easy to move to and sing along with. This album will have you singing, screaming and dancing. You may blow out a few headphones or speakers listening to this album as the only way to enjoy their sound is a full volume.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at the Outside the Box music festival in Boston and they know how to put on a performance. They are currently on tour for the summer, and will be returning to Boston in October for a show. Highly recommend checking them out when they return to town.