Give It Back to You- The Record Company

Need some good old-fashioned bluesy rock’n’roll in your life these days? Look no further than the L.A. band The Record Company. Their debut album, Give It Back to You, has just about everything you would look for in the blues. Deep, heavy and a whole lot of attitude.

Listen to these boys, you would never guess that a three-piece band could make so much noise. But with the amount of talent that bassist Los Feliz jams with, the gusto of drummer Marc Cazorla, and versatility of lead man Chris Vos, it a surprise they don’t make more. Their sound carries that grungy soulful rock-blues sound, easy to move to and sing along with. This album will have you singing, screaming and dancing. You may blow out a few headphones or speakers listening to this album as the only way to enjoy their sound is a full volume.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at the Outside the Box music festival in Boston and they know how to put on a performance. They are currently on tour for the summer, and will be returning to Boston in October for a show. Highly recommend checking them out when they return to town.



Martin Garrix Drops New Single with Bebe Rexha “In the Name Of Love”

Martin Garrix seemed to become a superstar practically overnight when his hit track “Animals” was released in 2013. It has been a busy week for the Dutch producer, as he announced that he signed a  deal with Sony Music International, and released his new song “In the Name of Love”.

This track was highly anticipated, as it was originally debuted at Ultra Music Festival in the spring. This is likely Garrix most pop influenced track to date, featuring vocals from pop star Bebe Rexha.

Given the pop influences of this track, it will be interesting to see what the 20 year olds first studio album will sound like. Will it have the hard hitting style of “Animals”? Or will have the more pop influenced style like “In the Name of Love”?



Two New Singles by Judah & The Lion

Nashville based indie-folk band Judah & The Lion have released two new singles this week, Stockholm and Take It All Back 2.0. The band also released a music video to Take It All Back 2.0, showing live footage of performances and background shots of the band.

Stockholm has a similar sound to Mumford and Sons, with a powerful chorus and a rhythmic beat.

Take It All Back 2.0 is a different adaptation of the original track, which was featured on the album Folk Hop N’ Roll, released earlier this year. The new version has a faster paced strumming on the banjo, and enhanced vocals. This is definitely seems like a song that would be incredible live.

Judah & The Lion are only gaining more popularity. Their music is fun, upbeat, and high energy. I have not attended one of their concerts yet, but it is something that is definitely on my bucket list.


New Acoustic Album: The Great Outdoors by The Rocketboys

To the surprise of their fans, Texas based rock band, The Rocketboys, released an acoustic album this week featuring acoustic versions of songs from previous EP’s and albums titled “The Great Outdoors”.
The album takes a different twist on many of the rock driven songs that The Rocketboys are known for. The acoustic versions of the tracks bring a sense of rawness, and soulfulness that seems to amplify the range of the original studio versions of these tracks. “The Great Outdoors” has a vibe that makes you want to be outside by a campfire sing with friends. The musicianship is excellent, with guitars, pianos, shakers, multiple vocals, and more.
I saw The Rocketboys open for Relient K a few years back. I remember my friends and I were blown away by the performance, and the quality of their music. Immediately after they finished the opening act, we rushed to the merch table and bought shirts.
“The Great Outdoors” shows the wide range and huge amount of talent that The Rocketboys possess.
The band has also announced that they have are almost finished working on their third studio album, some very exciting news.



New Single: ‘Higher’ by The Naked and Famous

New Zealand based indie electronic band The Naked and Famous have released their first single, ‘Higher’ off there upcoming album, Simple Forms. The album came together in the home studio of guitarist/vocalist/producer Thom Powers, after he broke up with fellow band member Alisa Xayalith, after nearly eight years together. Given the circumstances, the band says the upcoming album will be full of both pain and passion.

Higher is an upbeat song, and is a great jam for summer. The song also shows both the pain and passion that the band indicated would be a theme. This is a great indication of a potentially brilliant album to come by The Naked and Famous.


Artist Showcase: Valleyheart

Valleyheart is a rock band from Beverly, Massachusetts that released their first EP”Nowadays” this spring. The band features a few former members of Exiting the Fall.

This four tracked EP touches on themes of questioning the presence of God, reflecting on the past, shifting situations in life, and finding purpose.

These are questions that many can relate to, and have even thought about in their own lives. This questioning, paired with well written lyrics and great guitar overtone, make this EP a mixture of complexity, honesty, wonder, and faith.

I would highly recommend this EP to anyone who enjoys honest lyrics, and some good rock music.


Jam of the Day: Anchored at Sea by Act As If

Anchored at Sea is a rock song by Los Angeles based an indie rock band Act As If. Anchored at Sea was featured on the band’s 2014 album “Steady”.

This song captures emotion, has a great melody, and passionate vocals. Both singers on the track, Peter Verdell and Sara Lindsay, do a fantastic job and there voices blend together beautifully. The track build up for most of the song, but then finishes with the calming vocals of Sara Lindsay.

This song would be a great song to have at a wedding; it is very well written, while being beautiful and relaxing at the same time.