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One Love Manchester Brings People Together

Over past week I have been watching videos of the One Love Manchester benefit concert for the victims of the terrorist attack that occurred following an Ariana Grande concert last month. The concert rose over $2.6 million dollars to benefit the victims of the those horrible bombings.

The videos are truly remarkable and show the power that music has to bring people together. The crowd feeds off the energy of the artist and the artist feeds off the energy of the crowd and when that occurs the results are truly magical.

The whole show was incredible, but the one song that stuck out was the performance of the Oasis ballad “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland (of Coldplay), with Ariana Grande. Chris sang with so much passion, Johnny crushed his guitar solo, and by the time the chorus rolled around the whole stadium was singing as loud as they could.

The song has been coming up everywhere in the past few weeks since the terrorist attacks have happened. A woman started singing the tune at a memorial for the victims a few weeks ago in London and eventually the whole crowd joined. And this week, while the national soccer teams for France and England walked out to the song.

Music can bring people together, especially in times of trajedy. This is one of those examples. Enjoy the video: