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Concert Review: Birdtalker at The Great Scott in Allston, MA

Had the chance to attend the Birdtalker show last week at The Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts. The Great Scott was neat a venue. When you walked in it looked like you were walking into a bar, but looking further back there was a open space and a stage. It was my first time at the Great Scott, and once I walked in I knew that the concert would be  an intimate experience later in the evening.

When waiting for the concert to start, I saw some of the Birdtalker band members milling around. The bassist,  Jesse Baker, sat next to us at the bar for a few minutes.

Birdtalker started the night with the upbeat hit “Graveclothes”. They played many of the songs off the new Album release “One”, but also played older songs from the first EP “Just This”. Dani Green shared that she wrote “Autodomesticated Animal” when she was very angry about how women are viewed and treated. Throughout the night, Dani shared how grateful and overwhelmed she and the band were by people knowing their music and singing along, all the way up in Massachusetts. Each member seemed like a genuinely good person and like they were having fun together, which made it a very cool experience.

The band finished off their time on stage with another upbeat hit, “Free Like a Broken Heart”. The crowd cheered for the encore, and as a fan of Birdtalker I feel like we got more than we asked for. The band came out looking like they were headed for the merch table but asked for the fans to clear some space in the middle of the floor. Everyone stood in a circle around them. They then belted the powerful song “Want” with no instruments and just vocals, just like the studio version. My favorite lyrics “Count the beggar man’s life precious as my own/ Offer my back for my brother’s load/ I want to have eyes of love” were even more powerful when I could see Zach Green singing them. The intimate experience that I expected when I walked into the Great Scott was more than I could imagine. The powerful lyrics, the small crowd, small all just seemed right.