Twenty One Pilots Release New Single “Levitate” and Reveal Track List for ‘Trench’

Today Twenty One Pilots released a third single and music video called “Levitate” from the upcoming album “Trench”.
The music video for “Levitate” is a continuation of the story line in the first two music videos, “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners”,  which were released on July 11. “Levitate” consists of fast paced rhymes and continues the eerie theme from the first two videos. In a tweet the band confirmed that “Levitate” is the final video of the series.

The band also released the track list for the highly anticipated album set to be released on October 5 — the countdown is on! Twenty One Pilots has been waiting for over three years to release a new album, so the anticipation has been and continues to build.

1. Jumpsuit
2. Levitate
3. Morph
4. My Blood
5. Chlorine
6. Smithereens
7. Neon Gravestones
8. The Hype
9. Nico and the Niners
10. Cut My Lip
11. Bandito
12. Pet Cheetah
13. Legend
14. Leave the City

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