Give It Back to You- The Record Company

Need some good old-fashioned bluesy rock’n’roll in your life these days? Look no further than the L.A. band The Record Company. Their debut album, Give It Back to You, has just about everything you would look for in the blues. Deep, heavy and a whole lot of attitude.

Listen to these boys, you would never guess that a three-piece band could make so much noise. But with the amount of talent that bassist Los Feliz jams with, the gusto of drummer Marc Cazorla, and versatility of lead man Chris Vos, it a surprise they don’t make more. Their sound carries that grungy soulful rock-blues sound, easy to move to and sing along with. This album will have you singing, screaming and dancing. You may blow out a few headphones or speakers listening to this album as the only way to enjoy their sound is a full volume.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at the Outside the Box music festival in Boston and they know how to put on a performance. They are currently on tour for the summer, and will be returning to Boston in October for a show. Highly recommend checking them out when they return to town.


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