New Jam by Mumford & Sons and Baaba Maal

Mumford & Sons have released a new single “There Will Be Time” from an upcoming project of theirs called Johannesburg.  Johannesburg will not be a full album, but an EP released on June 17th. Johannesburg was recorded over a two day span, while the band was touring through South Africa this winter.

“There Will be a Time” features Baaba Maal, a singer and songwriter from Senegal. Baaba Maal sings primarily in Pulaar, a language primarily spoken in the Senegal River valley area by Fula and Toucouleur peoples.

It is cool to see Mumford & Sons collaborating with other artists, and it brings out a unique sound for them. “Wilder Mind” was a different sound than their previous music, and this is a different sound for them as well.

I am a big fan of this song, and am pumped to see what the full EP sounds like. Here is a link to the song, and a trailer video for Johannesburg.

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