New Single by Relient K and New Album Announcement

Relient k has released their first song off their new album Air For Free. “Bummin” is an upbeat energetic song with a pop/punk feel. It is a great song for spring and summertime, and for blasting on road trips.

This is definitely has more of a pop feel than Relient k of past, but is similar to the pop feel of their last album Collapsible Lung. This new album is highly anticipated because many Relient k fans did not like Collapsible Lung because of the pop feel and empty lyrics. “Bummin” doesn’t prove that won’t be the case with Air for Free, since it has a pop feel and surface level lyrics, but we’ll have to wait to see when other singles come out.

All in all, this is a good song, especially for spring/summertime on the way. Air for Free is set to be released this coming summer, on July 22nd.

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