Two Great Songs by Ohio Rock Band ‘Lovedrug’

Lovedrug is an alternative rock/indie band from Ohio, that have shared the stage with various artist including The Killers and Switchfoot.

The band has had an interesting journey. A record label went bankrupt on them, they’ve had their van & trailer stolen and found burnt to a crisp the next day, and they have used  Kickstarter to help campaign the launch an album. But through this journey, they have still been able to some produce music, and here are two great songs by them.

Blackout” is a track from Lovedrug’s first album Pretend You’re Alive, released in 2004. “Blackout” covers different emotions such as confusion, anger, and mystery. This song has a good guitar overdrive in the chorus, that you just keep waiting for during the verses.

Wild Blood” is from Lovedrug’s fourth full album Wild Blood released in 2012. This song is energetic and optimistic, and has more of a pop feel than Blackout. This energy and optimism is shown in the music video, with a boy gaining the courage to fight against a bully.

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