Openers for Twenty One Pilots ‘Emotional Roadshow’ Tour

The openers for Twenty One Pilots ‘Emotional Roadshow’ tour will be Mutemath, and Chef’Special.

Mutemath is an Alternative Rock band from New Orleans, and has been around since 2002. Mutemath actually performed a show at my college a few years ago. Mutemath seems to be an interesting pick as an opener, since they have been around for over a decade. I would have thought that Twenty One Pilots would have picked a more current or up and coming band, especially since this will be probably one of the biggest tours of the summer.


Chef’Special is an Indie Pop band from the Netherlands. I had heard of them, but had never listened to there music before. I think this is a good pick for an opener. I enjoy there sound, and it is good for a band from Europe to be touring in the US and gaining popularity.



Some bands I would have loved to see open on this tour would have been Grouplove, Arctic Monkeys, Young the Giant, and Matt & Kim.

What do you think of the picks Mutemath and Chef’Special?

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