Artist Showcase: Run River North

Run River North is a band that I found about a year and a half ago. The bands first self titled album ‘Run River North’ had multiple tracks that were awesome, and had a overall very chill vibe. The tracks that I would highly recommend from this album would be Monster Calling Home, Lying Beast, Run River Run, Growing Up, and Foxbeard.

The second album ‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’ has more of an indie pop feel, and doesn’t hold the same chill vibe that made the self titled album great. With this being said, it is a good indie pop album, but I am just not feeling it as much as there first album. A jam I would recommend from ‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’ is the song ’29’.

Overall if you were to listen to just a few songs from this band I would certainly recommend checking out ‘Run River North’ over ‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’. But if you are more of a fan of indie pop ‘Drinking From a Salt Pond’ is worth checking out.

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